Dibiakcom: Classroom

Dibiakcom now held Internet Training for those who needed, this course intend to familiarize them whom need to know The Internet, and how to surf them well. This course is scheduled every day with experiences tutors on our Internet Café room with evening coffee break time.

Design Class

Since 2006, Dibiakcom offers a variety class for Design workshop. This class covers Multimedia design such as web design, 3D, CAD, Video Editing, and also for printing media. We are proud to be the pioneer.

Dibiakcom Classroom use Open-Sources software, to promote their proprietary.

Internet course for group or Individuals

This hands-on training will lead the participants to understand the basic of the Internet, and know how to handle common errors as well as the current Internet threads.

This six hours training is opened for public, with walk-in registrations.

The participant’s will also being introduced to E-mail, IRC, Instants Messenger, Search Engine and other popular Internet applications by using and understood how to set-up it to works.

This course will show how to find more specific subject on the Internet, understand the key, attach properly on E-mails, as well as they chat with friends or couples.

Group training is also available on agreement.

Currently high schools students, teachers, company staff, non-government organizations, and lawyers the most likely to attended this training.