Biak's Internet Connection

Services ranging from basic Internet access with no startup fees, to dedicated connectios

Prepaid Dial-up Access

“Paket Browser” Prepaid Card is now available in Biak, letting you take over the control the usages and feel free from subscriptions retracts. This Prepaid Card is an instant dial-up access accounts enable you to had an Internet access whenever you needed it between its expired dates.

We developed our own algorithm to make each dialup account could be instantly active at first-time they being used, and expired date will be set base on the date of instant activations. This system was now working merely at zero maintenance hours. And yes, this account could be extended with another purchase of prepaid card, which you could found it at many stores here in Biak.


We also offered Wireless Connections (802.11b - 2.4 Ghz), a connection that run faster (64KB till 1MB), and free from phone bills. This were possible because The Town of Biak physically only lay within 8 Miles squares, and the rest area could be connected using Point to point methods. We also have the possibilities to extend the main coverage area by opening a new access point within the ranges.

Dibiakcom are following USA’s FCC Regulations which are verified to be most reliable standard and safe.

The town of Biak is merely low structures; we had no high building since the town area was occupied on an airplanes runway. This will cause easy implementations of building a Clean LOS (Line of Sight) connection, so to use our Wireless Connections is easy as surveying for LOS, stand a poll antenna, registering your Mac-address, and surf!

Wireless connection in Biak also avaliable with-in prepaid-card.

Hot Spot

There were some places in Biak, that turn to be a good hotspot using our prepaid card.

  • Hotel Irian
  • Hotel Intsia
  • Hotel Nirmala Biak Beach
  • Frans Kaisiepo Airport
  • RRI’s Complex
  • Dibiakcom, Internet Kiosk.