The Net Oasis on The Northern Papua

The place where your can hyper-linked yourself from the miles away to the Internet.

Dibiakcom start as Internet Café, and soon grow to be The Net Oasis on The Northern Papua, a one-stop services for those who already traveling miles away into Papua nature paradises.

A place where you could send your e-mails, attaches your latest adventure’s photos, and communicated to your buddies back in your hometown.

We connect asymmetrically two way to Internet, providing you a nice and smooth Internet connection.

Today we were opened 12 Hours a day, ten seat (eight desktop, 2 plug port), with air conditioning room and snacks bar hopefully will satisfying your need to relax and communicated.

Here a list that you could do while in Biak, even though only in 2 hours plane transits:

  • Loading your Digital Camera contents into CD,
  • Chatting or sending E-mails to your friends and buddies,
  • Playing action and strategies games,
  • Check news and updates,
  • Connect your laptop to the Internet and finishing your works.
  • Print your works,
  • and find out about Biak island itself, plus
  • Many more

So whenever you put your feet in Biak, remember Biak is a small city with a nice Internet connections.

For Local Travelers

Dibiakcom facilitated theirs self as community meeting points and a places where you could work with the Internets to send your reports, publishing your documents or just play to kick your boredom out of Biak.

We also has a large libraries for music, Clip Art, Fonts and installed your most common favorited applications into your work stations. So, it isn’t hard to progressing your work down here.


That will be more reason to visit us while you in Biak, and they will be foods and rest. Here is some surrounding of Dibiakcom:

  • Garuda Ticketing offices
  • Indonesian Immigrations office
  • Pelni Ticketing offices
  • Many Telecommunications kiosk (Wartel)
  • Restaurants, Chinese Foods, Indonesian Foods.
  • Photocopy center. Sari Usaha, Sinar Pagi, Sinar Sinjai
  • Banks, Bank Papua and Bank Mandiri with Western Union.
  • Hotels, Hotel Arumbai, Hotel Mapia.

Our staff natively speaking English and likely to help you.