E-mail Solutions

Dibiacom offers a variety of inexpensive top-notch e-mail solutions to suit a wide variety needs.

Allows your organization to enjoy the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a single dial-up account while having the flexibility of as many private email accounts as you need. POP accounts can be added and deleted as needed.

Domain Email Aliasing / Forwarding

Allows you and an unlimited number of members of your organization to send and receive email from your own personalized Internet address, or “domain” (in the form of yourdomain.com). Email sent to these domain-related addresses (e.g. gyan@yourdomain.com) can then be accessed via the associated Dibiakcom email account (e.g gyan@dibiak.net).
Server Solutions

With a Fixed IP Address assigned by Dibiakcom, you can configure your Microsoft Back Office Exchange Server or your own POP/SMTP server to receive all email sent to your domain, and distribute it to individual users on your LAN. Excellent solution for office LANs with small/medium mail servers that support ETRN delivery.

We support mail-drops, and other forwarding methods.

Remote Access

Access your email from any Internet account that supports POP email access. Excellent for frequent travelers and people who have Internet access at work and want to check their personal email account there.