Dibiak.NET: Dibiakcom Nettropolitan

An Internet Portal for Biak Internet

Dibiak.NET was established to fulfil the need of LinkNet Biak subscriber as the homepages to the Internet. It also became our first line E-shop for IT and gadgets, which offered special discounts to the subscriber.

Dibiak.NET also contains the updates of our network status, news from our operation centre, and tons of downloads.

Dibiak.NET is written mainly in Bahasa Indonesia.

The Portal

Dibiak.NET syndicated news from various Indonesian news sources to let their visitor keep being updated to the current national news, celebrities gossips and sports news.

You could download many shareware/freeware, videos, and music files from Dibiak.NET for free without any additional charges. And to extend these services we also crafted senang.dibiak.net and in.dibiak.net for Linux and others open sources supports.

You could also receive in deep information to set-up your account, setting your networks, and special events discounts and order an item with specials prices.

Email Server

Dibiak.NET Web mail is a subscriber only mail system with POP3/IMAP supports with their own Hi-speed SMTP services with POP before SMTP authentications.

Dibiak.NET mail server uses a server side Anti Virus Protections, which regularly updated within everydays.

Dibiak.NET will also run as Web mail system with Multiple languages –English is selected by default, POP3 Fetching, Spam Guard, Address Book, Notes, Agenda, Signature, Drafts-Templating, and Online Messages Filter.