All About Dibiakcom

Dibiakcom establish their self at 28 November 2001 as one of Biak’s most favorites Internet Kiosk, with a business “One step ahead” vision in their founder mind. We aim our self to be the one in Papua provinces, and set the town of Biak as the most cyber-well town in the regions.

Bringing Cutting Edges Technologies in un-developed place like Biak Island was not an easy job and need more than capitals. As we start to introduce THE NET to the no Internet’s literate society, we found that this is a biggest challenge that we shall presume.

People behind Dibiakcom

Dibiakcom is a trademark of PT. DIMENSI INFOTEK BIAKCOM, a subsidiary of Lintasirja Group.

Founded by Ilias and Andreas Lawari, which believe that Internet will help this island to develop and speak to the world. We stand for the technologies that will help peoples. Dibiakcom now was the “Net Oasis” on Northern Papua.

Dibiakcom as Services Provider

At the end of 2002, Dibiakcom has become one of LinkNet’s franchisee. LinkNet is one of largest Indonesian Internet Services Provider that operated by KabelVision in Jakarta. Since that Dibiakcom also offered a dial-up access across Biak Island.

Soon after we established the dial-up access’s services we stand Antenna to enable wireless access to the town of Biak, and publish the prepaid cards.

Dibiakcom as IT Center

Shop, media, printing, etc. Made Dibiakcom as Biak’s IT Center for Biak’s computer geek, fps-fighter, news-sekker, and net-surfer.