Destination: Support

What we can do for you while you in Biak

Dibiakcom is a dependable and reliable company providing our customers with state of the art Internet technology and friendly technical support. Our experience in this business since 1999 is your complimentary in these rural area, make sure you visit us while you need a technology support in Biak.

While everything seem to be limited at Biak, we could highlighted several things in our routines to show our expertise.

Internet Services

Dibiakcom Internet access services include affordable dialup accounts (within any analog speeds), and Wireless. And whether your organization needs to develop its own networks or implement an World Wide Web site, Dibiakcom can help.

Hardware and Networking

  • Hardware Expertise, We know and freely to give you any information regarding your hardwares needed. Which printer that suited your business, Why you shall upgrade your RAM, VGA, USB, and others computer peripheral vice versa.
  • Networks Guru, installing and binding a network is our daily routine. Integrating your work-group into network and databases is more than a words.

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows and third party software, Dibiakcom could help you trouble shooting and maintaining Operating System and others popular software.
  • Linux, We leave almost our server kernel into Linux kernel, thats why we could help you if your Linux desktop gone mad.


Software updating or hardware driver updates could be done in our Internet Cafe within hours or less. So, with Dibiakcom, your system also could staying safe from threatening viruses or spy-ware.

Port and Protocol

Operating a Internet cafe and Internet Services as the common ground, may require some unique port and extensible protocol. If you need a connections with this particular port or protocol, just tell us we will help you by making this work just like in your offices.

Web Design and Hosting

We affiliated our self with many out-sources Designer and Web Hosting Company, which could lead you into your company establishment on the Internet. Dibiakcom provides any kind of help to made the Internet working for you.

Pratical Programming

Dibiakcom could help you more with our expertise. We currently speaking Perl, PHP, ASP, and MySQL. So, once again we insure the Internet working for you.